Payroll – Wrapping out the Year – December Items

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Tax and Accounting Desk

December has arrived. Do you know where your year-end payroll data is? Do you have it under control or are you asking, “What year-end payroll data?”

Fear not, we have checklists to get you caught up and ahead of schedule for closing out year-end payroll. For November’s list, click here.

  • Prep year-end deposits and determine if estimated deposits or next–day drafts need to be made.
  • Obtain information from AP about any special payments that should be included in payroll.
  • Prep state and local reconciliation due date charts.
  • Review and input fringe benefits to process on last payroll. Don’t forget Group Life.
  • Complete setup/testing of new benefit codes and other changes for first payroll next year.
  • Be sure to have employee benefit changes ready to upload for next year.

December is pretty easy, but January makes up for it. If you’re to check-out only one checklist, make it January’s.. Thanks to APA www.americanpayroll.org for their help.

The above list is not inclusive. Be sure to customize lists for your particular needs.

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