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by | Jan 11, 2008 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

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Companies are discovering the value in having information workers do their jobs outside of the office. Work is no longer tied to a set, physical location. Communicating with others and accessing and working with information while away from the desk is improving the productivity of all types of professionals from consultants, sales representatives, and installation technicians to physicians, administrators, and store managers. Worldwide, 80% of companies are projected to start allowing their employees to work from home. According to research conducted by Gartner, "mobile workforce enablement is a top 3 technology priority for CIOs …"

Most mobile adoption has been driven by individual departments and point-specific solutions that assist, for example, sales and field service employees.   At this time of year our friendly UPS and FedEx drivers benefit greatly as well as us consumers with this technology. As mobile technologies become more reliable and wireless standards develop, companies are growing more interested in deploying integrated, organization-wide solutions that will drive positive business results and measurable ROI for the entire business.

This increasing demand has led to rapid growth in mobile software, ranging from more secure mobile e-mail, mobile instant messaging (IM), and mobilized corporate applications like customer relationship management (CRM) programs. When it comes to hardware, mobility has seen great adoption via mobile personal computers, as 75 percent of organizations now support wirelessly enabled mobile PCs.

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