PKF Texas – Entrepreneur’s Playbook®:Leaders and Managers Part 1

by | Aug 19, 2011 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

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I’ve known some great leaders in my business career, and I’ve known some great managers. But I can count on one hand the great leaders who were also great managers. And on the other hand I can count the great managers who were great leaders.  So what’s the difference?

At their best:

Effective leaders determine the purpose, and the values of the organization.
Effective managers organize and coordinate the day to day management of the organization consistent with its purpose and values.

Effective leaders create, articulate, and hold the vision of the organization and determine its strategic objectives.
Effective managers determine and implement the short term tactics to achieve the short term objectives.

Effective leaders live in a state of becoming. Continually looking for new opportunities and challenges.
Effective managers live in the now. Focus on getting the job done with the existing tools and resources they have to work with.

More on this subject next week, but in the meantime what are your thoughts about leaders and managers?

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