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by | Jul 15, 2011 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

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Satisfied customers are vital to your business’ success.

A creative way to learn more about the service you provide is by introducing a client service survey or customer satisfaction survey as a follow-up questionnaire for your clients. This is a tool that helps engage your customers by asking them to provide feedback on their experience working with you and your team.  This is beneficial in many ways:

• It shows what you are doing well
• It will highlight any concerns or areas for improvement
• It allows you the opportunity to identify potential areas for growth
• And it shows your client you value their feedback

How you ask the questions is important. Keep in mind that framing the questions into an easy to understand, easy to measure way will help you analyze the results more accurately.  There are several methods you may utilize, including:

• Online survey
• Hard-copy questionnaire
• Face-to-face
• Phone

Consider how often you should offer the survey. Is it after every engagement? Once a year? What makes sense for your business and your customers?

Be sure to keep your database up to date so that you can reach the appropriate contact who will provide the most valuable feedback.

What you chose to do with the results is up to you, remembering that your customers are expecting you to take action on the results. Therefore, a client service survey is a mutually-beneficial strategy to consider incorporating into your business processes.

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