Will Windows 7 Solve Microsoft’s Problems?

by | Jan 28, 2009 | Observations, Tecknowledgy, Week in Geek

I read a great blog article yesterday, “2010 Too Late for Windows 7 to Save Microsoft,” from Paul McDougall over at InformationWeek.

In the PKF Texas – The Entrepreneur’s Playbook™ airing this week, I discuss tech predictions for 2009, one of which is the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Apple’s OS X Snow Leopard.

McDougall is right on in his assessment that, “Microsoft needs to ship Windows 7 as soon as possible.”

With the misfire of Windows Vista and the ensuing backlash both verbal and financial, it just goes to show that the world’s best doesn’t always get it right.  There’s hope for Microsoft this time to get it right.  They can’t afford to continue losing market share to Apple on the “home front” or Google with their net-based apps. 

What do you think Microsoft needs to do to right itself in the eyes of the consumer?

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