Oil and Your Business

by | Dec 10, 2008 | Observations

The average price of gas nationwide reached nearly a five year low on Sunday. While it’s great for our wallets, what does it mean for our economy here in Houston?

Aidan Arney, a senior manager in our tax department, wrote an article during the record high gas prices this summer for our Leading Edge Magazine. He makes the point that the industry is very unpredictable. I wasn’t sure we were ever going to see gas come back down to below $2 a gallon.

I’m curious to hear your reaction to the low gas prices? Are you skeptical they will stay will they are? How is this affecting you and/or your business? If you are in the transportation industry, are you seeing any increase in business? On the flipside, if you’re in the oil or related industries what have you seen in your business?

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