Oh Canada!

by | May 4, 2009 | Observations

Oh Canada!

While the Canadian National anthem starts with that opening, I find it appropriate to start my blog article on this as well, given the discussion that took place recently. My PKF Texas colleagues (Karen Love, Frank Landreneau and Rafael Carsalade) and I met with Norris Pettis, Counsel General for Canada in Texas and David McGregor, Head of the Canadian Consulate, here in Houston, recently to further our existing relationship with this great country.

Incidentally, Karen and David serve together on the City of Houston Mayor’s International Affairs & Development Council (MIADC) – Canada Council.

During our discussions we reviewed the significant business and trade impact that both Canada and Texas have with each other. Texas exported in excess of $12 billion in goods to Canada in 2007 and imported in excess of $15 billion from Canada. In terms of job impact to our state, Texas has over 521,000 jobs supported by Canadian-US trade. Almost 427,000 Texans visited Canada spending an estimated $307 million. At the same time almost 385,000 Canadians spent an estimated $302 million in Texas.

Texas’ leading exports to Canada include: Chemicals/Plastics; Energy Products; and Transportation parts.

Canadian exports to Texas include: Transportation; Chemicals and Energy Products.

This summer I will be visiting Calgary, Alberta and I am told I will be in for quite a treat. For additional information on Canada’s trade with Texas you can check out the following websites: www.houston.gc.ca and www.dallas.gc.ca. Thanks Norris and David, our neighbors to the north who are important to Texas and Houston!

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