Internet on the Plane

by | Jun 25, 2008 | Observations, Tecknowledgy, Week in Geek

The days of being totally disconnected when you’re on the plane are quickly coming to an end. American Airlines and Virgin America will be offering internet via a Wi-Fi connection on select flights later this year.

There will of course be a fee involved. $12.95 for flights three hours or longer and $9.95 for trips that are shorter.

Walter S. Mossberg, a journalist from the Wall Street Journal, recently wrote about it in his column Personal Technology. He tried a variety of devices, downloads and watched streaming video. Overall he appeared satisfied with the results.

I have mixed emotions about this service. There’s something nice about getting on a three hour flight and knowing no one can reach you. On the other hand, being able to get actual work done and send it off while you’re on the plane would be nice. 

What do you think? Would you pay to use the internet on the airplane? Are we close to opening Pandora’s box and being able to use our cell phones in the air?

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