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by | Nov 24, 2008 | Observations

As I was browsing AccountingWeb last week, I ran across a new section (well, at least new to me, I wasn’t been aware of it before now), called Celebrity News

Intrigued, I clicked on it and was taken to a page with news stories about celebrities who have all be in the news lately for accounting or IRS problems. Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, actor Wesley Snipes, and former NFL quarterback, Bernie Kosar were all listed for various issues.

There is a message from Gail Perry, CPA, Managing Editor of AccountingWeb which states:

“Stars Behind Bars

Not all of the articles that appear on this page refer strictly to celebrities who are fighting the tax and accounting authorities. From time to time there might be good news about celebrities who are helping underpriveleged people with tax preparation. Maybe there will be news of politicians who are going above and beyond to help taxpayers by lobbying for intelligent and simplified tax laws. But for the most part, we expect to have fun on this page at the expense of those folks who make the headlines by making a mess of their financial lives.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to read our Sitcom tax series – humorous articles about how America’s sitcom programs interpret the tax laws. You’ll be laughing in the aisles!

Best wishes,

Gail Perry, CPA

Managing Editor, AccountingWEB


While I don’t think I’m necessarily the intended audience for the celebrity section, I think this is an interesting, light hearted addition to the website. I can definitely see where it would be of interest to the next generation of accountants. What do you think about celebrity run-ins with the IRS?

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