Blue Man Group – Entrepreneurs or Artists?

by | Sep 2, 2008 | Observations

People ask me all the time to share stories of successful entrepreneur’s so they can glean information to help their own business. 

Inc.com had an interesting piece about The Blue Man Group, you know, the blue guys who beat on drums with paint and have starred in several Intel commercials. They are not just artists and performers, they are entrepreneurs.

The three original members, Chris Wink, Phil Stanton and Matt Goldman, had to build their business and brand just like any other business owner. They started small, and like every entrepreneur, had several missteps, but were able to overcome those obstacles to run a successful business.

Once challenge they face is consistency in their “product.” They produce shows in 10 cities across the globe as well as several travelling shows. One of the key points founder, Matt Goldman, makes in the article is that to grow they had to be able to replicate themselves then articulate their vision. The result of this was to write the Blue Manual to direct their now 70 Blue Men.

What have you done in your business to overcome the challenge of product consistency? What other non-traditional businesses have you been able to learn from?

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