Bright Spots in the Houston Economy

by | Dec 17, 2008 | Community Circle, Observations

With so much unpleasant news surrounding us right now, I want to remind our readers of some of the good things happening in the Houston economy.

The 2008 FastTech 50 companies are collectively responsible for creating nearly 3,270 jobs in Houston.  They also have contributed over $629 million in revenue into the local economy.  Those are impressive figures and that’s only 50 companies.

Several retailers like Sun & Ski Sports and JC Penney are expanding in Houston because there are real estate opportunities to jump on.  I hope this will be a continuing trend that retailers and other business recognize it’s worth taking a risk in Houston.

While the overall mood of the nation and the economy is troubling, there are still bright spots that tell us that the economy will eventually rebound.


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