Are You Still Marketing?

by | Jan 15, 2009 | Community Circle, Observations

Last Friday’s Houston Business Journal featured a Q&A section by my friend Phil Morabito, CEO of Pierpont Communications.  He answers several questions about advertising and marketing during a down economy. 

Many companies want to cut their advertising and marketing budgets when times are tight.  Phil makes the point that often, your dollars can go further in this type of economic climate and that by keeping a consistent message in the marketplace, your audience (clients, friends of your firm and others) will remember you were there in good times and bad.

Phil has several other pieces of good advice in the article, which you can access by clicking here.

How are your marketing efforts changing?  What ways have you been able to make an impact while being conscious of your bottom line?  Are you going to curtail your marketing and PR efforts, or simply shift focus?

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