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by | Oct 13, 2006 | Community Circle

Today at Texas A&M’s Zone Club, within the confines of Kyle Field, the 2006 Aggie 100 were announced.  Guest speakers included Richard Scruggs, Executive Director of the CNVE, Bayless Miller of Bill Miller B-B-Q, Dr. Robert Gates, President of Texas A&M and yours truly to give the details of the honorees.

My speaking role was limited, but the role of PKF in the background and verification process was an enjoyable and tedious process.  I want to thank John Stephenson, my assistant for all his help.

Over 650 people attended the Awards Luncheon today.  The event was sold out several weeks ago and is now the hottest ticket on campus. Major sponsors of the event include:  Texas Business Journals (there will be a special section in each of the 4 major cities in Texas); The Association of Former Students, Bill Miller B-B-Q, Holliden Professional Services Marketing, Research Valley Partnership, Infinity Pro Sports, and PKF Texas.

The singing cadets kicked off the event and then was followed by lunch…..The highlight of the day was the countdown to the actual honorees.

Below is the list of Honorees and their % growth from 2003 – 2005:

Company Name Growth
GEODynamics, Inc. 537.35%
CapNet Securities 180.53%
Cardan Enterprises, Inc. 168.77%
Marvin Tate Communications 117.73%
JB Knowledge Technologies, Inc. 92.61%
Vogel Financial Advisors, LLC 92.55%
Miner Fleet Management Group 85.71%
Pentecom 82.88%
Arch-Con Corporation 81.97%
MEI Technologies, Inc. 76.45%
Infinity Pro Sports 76.33%
Hayden Consultants, Inc. 75.81%
MacResource Computers & Service 68.78%
Merrick Pet Care 67.67%
Clay Development & Construction, Inc. 67.32%
House of Forgings, Inc. 65.35%
Paragon Innovations, Inc. 63.46%
Cementaciones Petroleras
Venezolanas, S.A. (CPVEN)
GulfQuest, LP 63.00%
GR Birdwell Construction, LP 61.28%
JCF Bridge & Concrete, Inc. 58.08%
Jenkins Custom Homes 57.65%
HughesOil, Inc. 57.35%
Rackspace Managed Hosting 56.57%
Comanche Contractors, L.P. 56.47%
Grey Wolf, Inc. 56.12%
INSYTE Information Corp. 55.99%
InHouse Systems, Inc. 54.40%
American Lumber 52.81%
Native Land Design, LLC 52.29%
eInstruction Corp. 52.10%
CES Environmental Services, Inc. 52.09%
Avalon Advisors, L.P. 51.42%
Food Safety Net Services, LTD. 50.52%
New Tech Engineering, LP 49.65%
K2 Share 49.23%
Yantis Company 46.88%
Chaparral Energy, Inc. 46.55%
Tessada & Associates, Inc. 46.08%
Earth Information Technologies Corp. 45.73%
EnvirOSH Services, Inc. 45.42%
Perry Equipment Corp. 45.39%
Engineering Concepts & Design, LP 44.68%
Zice Companies, LLC 44.64%
Colorado Outdoor
Adventure Guide School, Inc.
River Place Golf Group, L.P. 41.99%
Quest Business Solutions 41.79%
CIMA Energy, Ltd. 40.63%
Margartita Naturalmente, S.A. de C.V. 40.13%
Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc. 40.01%
Peyto Energy Trust 39.51%
Town Center Landscape, Inc. 39.45%
Capstone Commercial
Real Estate Group, Inc.
Tape Solutions, Inc. 38.96%
Geneva Aerospace 38.52%
Painted Threads, Inc. 38.16%
Marquee Tent Productions 38.10%
ENGlobal Corporation 37.41%
Capsher Technology, Inc. 36.72%
McNair Custom Homes, L.P. 35.61%
Hill Country Electric Supply, Inc. 35.60%
LNV Engineering 35.50%
Cattlesoft, Inc. 35.15%
Sheef & Stone, LLP 34.67%
Fiber Optic Bulbs, Incorporated 34.50%
Hollinden 34.40%
Class 1 Controls 34.19%
Routh Development Group 33.92%
Remedial Construction Services, LP 33.68%
Stanton Chase Dallas, Inc. 33.57%
ebiz4idiots, INC. DBA websitepipeline 33.45%
PetroGrowth Advisors 33.30%
Bury Partners, Inc. 32.78%
Blade Energy Partners 32.48%
Paloma Energy Consultants. LP 32.48%
BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. 31.56%
Schipul – The Web Marketing Company 31.04%
CCC Group, Inc. 30.65%
Coyle Engineering, Inc. 30.38%
Raba-Kistner Consultants, Inc. 29.84%
Symon Communications, Inc. 29.69%
LiquidFrameworks 29.59%
Eureka Software Solutions, Inc. 29.53%
GoDish.com, Ltd. LLP 29.43%
Williamsburg Environmental Group, Inc. 29.23%
Schwarz Hanson Architects 27.80%
Forest Oil Corporation 27.72%
Flexible Lifeline Systems 27.63%
Metro Custom Plastics, Inc. 27.51%
C.E. Barker, LTD 27.41%
Alliance Data Corporation 27.09%
LJA Engineering + Surveying, Inc. 26.80%
Blue Magic, Inc. 26.07%
Lockard & White, Inc. 25.33%
The CAD Group, Inc. 25.25%
Barhorst Insurance Group 24.98%
Nodus, Inc. 24.65%
Internet Truckstop 24.39%
Fired Up, Inc. 24.32%
EC Power, Inc. 23.82%

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