2017 National Manufacturing Outlook and Insights

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Tax and Accounting Desk

We are pleased to release the results from the 2017 Leading Edge Alliance (LEA Global) National Manufacturing Outlook Survey. This survey was conducted in association with leading accounting firms across the country and the report is a benefit to our clients as part of our efforts to help co-develop the client experience with us as trusted advisors.

With more than 250 participants, this survey report contains expectations and opinions of manufacturing executives in more than 20 states across the country producing a wide variety of products including industrial/machining, transportation/automotive, construction, food and beverage, and others.

Results from the survey include:

  • 74% of small manufacturers and 69% of large manufacturers expect revenue growth in 2017.
  • Manufacturers are more optimistic about their local/regional economies than the national or global economies.
  • The top priority for manufacturers in 2017 is “cutting operations costs”.
  • 67% expect labor costs to “increase” and an additional 7% expect labor costs to “increase significantly” in 2017.

You can access the report by visiting www.PKFTexas.com/Manufacturing/ or clicking the photo above. Please feel free to contact our Director of Practice Growth, Karen Love (klove@pkftexas.com or 713-860-1459), to discuss the findings of the survey.

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