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Are you a small-to-medium sized manufacturing company looking for additional Texas IC-DISC tax incentives? Spending the time rifling through the legislation and requirements for this process can seem arduous.

When you have a knowledgeable team supporting your use of foreign sales IC-DISC tax incentives in Texas, you can focus on your operational goals.

Making use of the IC-DISC tax incentive consulting services offered by PKF Texas can help you move your business forward faster, providing you with the resources you need for quick expansion. Is your business qualified for IC-DISC? Find out from our knowledgeable staff in foreign sales IC-DISC tax Incentives consulting in Texas.


Who is Eligible for Texas Foreign Sales IC-DISC Tax Incentives


Three types of businesses are generally eligible for foreign sales IC-DISC tax incentives in Texas. These include:

  • Manufacturers that directly or indirectly export more than $3 million annually in goods
  • Firms that offer architectural and engineering services administered in the U.S. for a structure built in another country
  • Companies that produce component parts in items that are sold overseas

The advantages to using Texas foreign sales IC-DISC tax incentives are numerous. First, your company may be able to mitigate certain types of income tax, instead passing the tax on to shareholders at a rate that is much lower than normal income tax. Privately held companies that use this particular system to further their business interests may experience tax savings, but you cannot utilize this approach unless you know about it. At PKF Texas, we help our clients determine whether they are eligible for programs like the IC-DISC approach, offering you the strategic guidance you need to grow for the future. Want to learn more? Contact our team today to get started.