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We work with middle-market companies to improve their business performance and operational efficiency. We help you by providing technology tools, business methodologies and industry analysis that develop framework to drive business transformation processes and realize tangible, measurable ROI.

Every process in your business can be analyzed and mapped for the workflow steps. Our professionals adeptly handle these strategic evaluations. As your company grows and changes, your company's work frequently increases, and the processes initially in place may no longer be able to handle the new requirements. We evaluate and align organizational processes and structures to increase productivity.

Additionally, through the use of process mapping, we facilitate and lead leadership teams through the steps needed to co-develop a process for tracking sales incentives, commissions and other compensation restructures.

Successful business process evaluations involve proper measurements before, during and after the process work. Once you have a blueprint of your company's processes, you can gain greater control over your staff and easily replicate the processes in another location should you decide to expand to another facility or city.

Organizational Process Consulting helps middle-market companies:

  • Leverage resources
  • Address aspects of operations management and performance improvement
  • Identify and control risk elements
  • Deliver operational effectiveness that maximizes efficiency
  • Profit enhancement

Strategic methodologies include:

  • Identifying Sustainable Competitive Advantage to drive strategies and operations
  • One-page plans for implementation
  • Middle manager training using an 8-week team cycle
  • Plan Do Check Act for ongoing refinement and improvement
  • Keep Performance Indicators (KPIs) dashboards for tracking
  • Development of flash reports


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