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Process Mapping to Prepare for a Sale

The client is a provider of furniture manufacturing for the hospitality industry, recognized for their interior design team. The company designs, procures, and delivers case goods, bedding, lamps, mirrors, artwork to opening hotel changes.

  • Preparation for sale
Solution & Benefits

PKF Texas started with an overall process mapping, starting from the order being given to the client and then, by department, breaking the process down further including hand offs from one department to another. We started working on communication between departments (design, procurement, logistics, accounting). PKF Texas changed the design group from a pay-for-production where the best designers were producing and making significant money but were not given incentives or encouragement to train new designers. PKF Texas started the process of standardizing as many designs as possible so that all jobs were not “start from scratch.” The accounting was on an accrual basis but no cut off for jobs in progress. PKF Texas is in the process of converting them to a completed contract basis. This is an ongoing project.

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