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PKF Texas Client Spotlight: Rebellion Photonics

Posted on 02-03-2014
PKF Texas Client Spotlight: Rebellion Photonics

When is a camera more than a camera?

Meet Rebellion Photonics’ and its gas cloud imaging (GCI) camera, the world’s only real-time chemical imaging video camera that monitors, quantifies and displays explosive and harmful gas leaks in real time through hyperspectral imaging technology.

“The camera has the potential to save lives on oil rigs and refineries,” says Allison Lami Sawyer, CEO of Rebellion Photonics. “With just a few cameras, a large area can be monitored day and night. The GCI camera can instantly detect what gases are leaking and how much is leaking. Then, by using its hardware-based zoom, you can know exactly where it is leaking from. This allows the user to assess the situation before exposing anyone to a potentially lethal situation.”

The two principals of Rebellion Photonics, Allison Lami Sawyer and Dr. Robert Kester, started the Houston-based company in 2009, having first met at the Houston Technology Center (HTC). Since becoming a client of the HTC in 2010, Rebellion Photonics received the very first Goradia Innovation Prize at the HTC’s Innovation Conference & Showcase in 2010, and in 2012, received a Texas Emerging Technology Fund investment. With the support of the HTC and Jones Partners, Rebellion Photonics also won the international King of Thailand prize, and, among other accolades, was the runner-up in the 2010 Rice Business Plan competition.

In addition, in fall 2013, Rebellion Photonics won the inaugural Wall Street Journal Start-Up of the Year award. The publication chose 24 startups from more than 500 applications to participate in a 20-week competition. According to the WSJ, companies were assessed “on the basis of their firms’ scalability, long-term viability, originality and distinctiveness of their products and services, utility and ability to perform tasks the competition set for them.”

Rebellion Photonics achieved these awards and accolades for a very good reason. Its GCI camera is the first proven snapshot hyperspectral imaging technology capable of achieving true video-rate imaging without compromising other critical imaging parameters.

“Its acquisition rate is limited only by the camera speed,” Lami Sawyer says. “The technology is also very flexible; it can be easily adopted for other spectral ranges and resolutions and has a scalable field of view.”