PKF Texas – The Entrepreneur’s Playbook: People Ready Business–Enable Your Mobile Workforce

by | Feb 1, 2008 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®

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With all the buzz in the workplace about mobility, Microsoft has developed Enable Your Mobile Workforce—a broad mobility solution that encompasses not only traditional handheld devices, but also infrastructure software, team collaboration tools, and line-of-business applications.

By giving your employees access to the near real-time data and vital information they need to do their work while on the go, your company can see many potential benefits, including:

  • Greater worker productivity by decreasing time lost while on the road or telecommuting.
  • Greater efficiency by replacing manual, paper-based processes and increasing the speed at which people can make business insights.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, because workers can respond to customers quickly, even when they are away from the office.
  • More security and protection for mobile applications and devices through new hardware-enabled data protection.

In addition, organizations can take advantage of scalable and flexible solutions that adapt to their business needs as they grow. Companies have realized that mobile solutions can be used to drive a competitive advantage and are making mobile workforce enablement a technology priority.

Companies are evaluating the mobile needs of all their information workers, not just those in the field. And mobile solutions have grown far beyond accessing e-mail remotely. Core business applications are becoming mobile and are broadening the reach of mobile applications in companies.

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