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by | Dec 3, 2012 | PKF Texas - The Entrepreneur's Playbook®, The Energy Economy


Greg:  This is PKF Texas, the Entrepreneur’s Playbook.  I’m Greg Price, Director of Consulting Solutions and I’m here again with Gary Voth, the Director in our tax department at PKF Texas.  Gary, welcome back to the playbook.

Gary:  Thank you Greg.

Greg:  So Gary, we just had the elections.  What are some things that you think we should look for as pertains to the President’s energy issues?

Gary:  Well I think the top two things the President is going to be doing is pressing his agenda for clean energy and also pressing for additional regulation over the industry.

Greg:  Are there a couple of things we ought to watch for as we kind of look out over the horizon?

Gary:  Well I think the balancing act between these two ideals is going to be very, very interesting to watch in who’s going to win, the natural gas industry or the concerns about fracking with respects to natural gas.

Greg:  So Gary, I know you’re an advisor to a number of our energy related companies.  What are some things that you see that we need to kind of look at and be mindful of?

Gary:  Well I think we need to be mindful that their markets are changing in the oil field services sector, who they provide their services to and the rate of demand is going to be pretty dynamic in the next two years.

Greg:  So we see kind of an escalation in this regard?

Gary:  Yes and as well as I think they need to be prepared to be mobile wherever their services are being asked to be provided.

Greg:  So in this regard what can PKF Texas do for these types of companies?

Gary:  Well we can help them with their cash flow planning, with their tax strategies.  We can assist them in streamlining their organizations as well as be prepared for the new tax rates which are on the horizon.

Greg:  That sounds really cool.  Gary thanks for being here again.

Gary:  Appreciate it Greg.

Greg:  This has been another thought leader production brought to you PKF Texas, the Entrepreneur’s Playbook.  Tune in next week for another chapter.  If you’d like additional information about how we might help your company go to PKFTexas.com.

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