Window 7 to Release for Holiday Season

by | May 13, 2009 | Observations

Back in January I blogged about how Microsoft needed to launch and ship Windows 7 during 2009, to make up ground lost during the Windows Vista misfire.

Well, earlier this week Microsoft announced they would do just that. 

The signs have been pointing in this direction for a few weeks now. Microsoft recently released Windows 7 Release Candidate allowing users to try out the pre-release software. I haven’t done so, but let me know if you have, and what you think about it. 

On Monday, Bill Veghte, Senior Vice President for the Windows Business, said that Microsoft is planning to ship its desktop Windows 7 in time for the 2009 Christmas shopping season.

As a fan of Microsoft, I’ll repeat what I said in January, they can’t afford to continue losing market share to Apple on the “home front” or Google with their net-based apps. Here’s hoping that Windows 7 will help them make strides in the eyes of the consumer.

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