Does Apple = Steve Jobs?

by | Jan 20, 2009 | Observations

I was sorry to hear last week that Steve Jobs was taking a medical leave of absence from Apple.  While no one knows quite what he’s dealing with, given his history with pancreatic cancer, the news of a leave of absence doesn’t bode well.

I’ll be curious to see what the next steps are going to be for the company.  Jobs is a visionary who upon his return to the company in 1997 led Apple to where it is today. 

One would like to hope that there has been a team approach behind the scenes and that Jobs has been the face of the company.  With Apple pulling out of future Macworld Expos and Philip Schiller, VP Marketing, delivering the keynote at Apple’s final Macworld earlier this month, the marketplace is poised to become a lot more competitive.

Many in the tech community are closely watching this transition period for Apple.  I know I’m interested to see the outcome. Hopefully, Apple be able to successfully separate their image from Jobs. I wish Jobs a speedy recovery.

What do you think will happen to Apple during Jobs’ medical leave of absence? 

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