Business Insights from the Enterprise Champions

by | Feb 2, 2009 | Community Circle, Observations

A couple of weeks ago, PKF Texas hosted a luncheon honoring this year’s FastTech 50 Enterprise Champion finalists.  The discussions we had at that lunch were quite interesting and insightful.  I thank all of those who attended.

There seem to be three different perspectives on the economy in Houston and how their businesses have been and will be affected.

1. Changes are coming
2. Changes may come
3. It’s business as usual

This was somewhat surprising to me, as I would have thought that there wouldn’t be a “business as usual” mindset.  With all the upheaval in our national economy and the price of oil being down, I would have thought most businesses in Houston would fall into the first two categories.

In general our group of honorees seems upbeat and are cautiously optimistic about the next year.  As business owner/operators the key to getting the economy back on track was keeping their employees gainfully employed working on clients/projects/products.

What are your feelings?  Do you have observations about the Houston economy from your perspective?

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